SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Managing Wires

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated February 12, 2018


In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018, there are 3 productive changes made with regards to managing wires.

Global Wire Mark Display:

We can now pre-define the connection label display style directly from the configuration. The options will vary depending on the numbering style selected between Equipotential or Wires.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Managing Wires Functionality

Changes to the Wire Mark management

Where to find the feature:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic > Project ribbon (project must be open) > Configuration drop-list > Wire Style Manager

Handling Unused Wires:

From the project configurations a user can define how unused wires can be assigned marks in a drawing set that already has wire marks assigned.

Assigning Unused Wire Marks

Assigning Unused Wire Marks

Wire Numbering Group:

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018, the numbering system now allows for numbering to begin at each location or book or file.

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