New Trends in 3D Design & Manufacturing for Agriculture at DEX Saskatoon

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated May 8, 2018


Javelin recently exhibited at the Design Engineering Expo (DEX) Saskatoon SK. This event was a great opportunity to re-connect with many of our current customers, and to introduce ourselves to companies that weren’t aware of numerous ways that Javelin can help them with their Design and Manufacturing challenges. This is why I wanted to provide this article as a recap of my experience at DEX Saskatoon and how the importance of streamlining processes and communications is greater than ever before.

DEX Saskatoon

Bryan Sprange (Left) and John Creelman ready to answer your SOLIDWORKS questions

DEX Saskatoon Keynote Presentation

The keynote speaker, Ben Voss (President and CEO of Morris Industries), delivered a fantastic, high level summary about all of the innovations and challenges that a company with 84 years of history is facing as they continually innovate to stay competitive in the modern agriculture market.

Ben Voss (President and CEO of Morris Industries)

Ben Voss (President and CEO of Morris Industries)

Hearing the same challenges brought up as the ones highlighted in the Javelin Industry 4.0 events reinforced the fact that many companies are facing similar issues staying up to date and current as technology continually evolves. The Keynote speech covered everything from implementing modern manufacturing methods while ensuring adoption by long term employees to lean manufacturing principles and how they can help launch you to the next level of manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS for Industry 4.0

3D Technology Solutions for Agriculture

Engineers can meet agriculture challenges at every stage of the development process: from conceptual and proposal development through validation and production:

  • Use the same 3D model for concept development, design automation, simulation, and communication, as well as for prototype development and product manufacturing.
  • Speed your system development by using modular design, systems prefabrication, as well as design reuse, automation, and configuration concepts.
  • Analyze components to see if they will function properly; for example, will the components break, fatigue, deflect, or vibrate excessively?

Read this case study to learn more about streamlining machinery and equipment development with SOLIDWORKS.

3D Technology in Agriculture

3D Technology in Agriculture

SOLIDWORKS and Data Translation

During DEX, I had the chance to have a great, in-depth conversation with a company that has a small SOLIDWORKS installation, but most of the time they are working in another CAD system. This was an opportunity to highlight all of the capabilities that SOLIDWORKS 2018 has, allowing designers to work seamlessly with other CAD files without the need for translation by using 3D Interconnect and FeatureWorks.

Additive Manufacturing

It was great to discuss the ways which Javelin can help businesses take their design ideas from concept through to manufacturing with Stratasys and Desktop Metal 3D Printing technologies. As always, the various 3D printed parts that we had on display at the show generated a lot of interest. There were countless companies that stopped by to ask great questions regarding different uses for additive manufacturing in their companies. Many companies were interested in applications that would allow them to further leverage their existing installation of 3D printers.

3D Printing Business

3D Printing Business

Show Specials

It’s a great time to invest in 3D technology and upgrade your skills to ensure your business is ready for the new industrial revolution! We have some great new incentives that were announced after the Design Engineering Expo and I want to make sure you can take advantage of the specials:

  • Promotion #1: Buy SOLIDWORKS and get instantly upgraded to the next product level (save up to $7,280 CAD) View Promotion 
  • Promotion #2: 25% OFF SOLIDWORKS Essentials and Advanced update training courses (online and in-class) View Promotion
  • Promotion #3: When you purchase a Stratasys F123 3D Printer, you will receive complimentary training ($400 value) View Promotion 

Until next time!

It was a pleasure meeting everyone at DEX Saskatoon! Here is a schedule of the upcoming trade shows, hopefully we will meet again soon!

Canadian Trade Show Schedule »

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Bryan Sprange, CSWE

Bryan Sprange is a Technical Solutions Expert at Javelin located in Winnipeg, MB., Canada. He has previously worked in the Aerospace industry as a Designer, and a Manufacturing Engineering Planner. Additionally, he has used many different CAD packages ranging from AutoCAD to CATIA. Bryan has a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and enjoys using all of the SOLIDWORKS features to their limits to find new and interesting ways to be efficient and accurate when helping customers with their designs.