MySolidWorks Learning: Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Routing


In this MySolidWorks Learning post, you are going to receive an Introduction to SolidWorks Routing. What’s SOLIDWORKS Routing? Use the Routing application to create special types of sub-assemblies that build paths of pipes, tubes, or electrical cables between components. Take ... Read More

SolidWorks Electrical Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) – Part 1


Piping & Instrumentation is an important part of engineering design in some industries. Piping is already addressed in the SolidWorks Routing add-in. Now with SolidWorks Electrical Professional, we have the combination of Electrical Schematics, P&ID and ... Read More

SolidWorks Routing: Remating a Routing Connector to Change Its Position

Connector to move

Occasionally you may want to move a connector (or flange for pipe) to a different location than it was originally dropped on.  You will find mates present on the component in the Feature Tree if the route sketch is not controlling the position of the connector.  However, there is ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

If you want to become more efficient with SOLIDWORKS then learn SOLIDWORKS live over the web with Javelin. Classes include Drawings, Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Simulation, plus GD&T.

Process, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric Schematics

When showing the electrical capabilities of E3.WireWorks to our customers I have had many of them ask me whether it is a suitable tool for doing other types of schematics as well. The types that are most commonly asked for are hydraulics and pneumatics but process design ... Read More

How to substitute a custom elbow into a Pipe Route

Pick Replace Fitting

When Pipe Routing you may need to have an elbow that has a drain or weldolet on it.  This is actually easily accomplished.  Simply model the modified elbow and use the replace fitting command to swap it into the route.  Best results are likely achieved if you save a copy of your ... Read More

Notes on combining multiple Routing library files

Configuration Properties

To speed up the Pipe Routing process or simplify your library, it may help you to combine similar routing parts into one file.  You can make configurations with different Material Properties for example.  Just make sure to have the configuration specific routing property "Pipe ... Read More