Customer Design: Wind Turbine

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 16, 2010

Wind Turbine

Wolf Wind Turbine

Ian Martin of Advanced Design & Drafting (Ayr) Inc., based in Cambridge Ontario, told us how they worked with an environmental company, Wind Simplicity Inc.; to create an energy efficient Wind Turbine design using SolidWorks software.

Describe the product design and its functionality:

The product is called the Wolf Wind Turbine.  The design features include the patented ‘Samara blade’ attached in [2] rows to maximize efficiency, incorporated lightning arrestor, rotary coupling and service locking mechanisms.

What’s interesting about the design:

The project is in line with the push for alternative energy sources.  In cooperation with Wind Simplicity Inc. we have created a high efficient energy source for communities, businesses and individuals.  The “Wolf” horizontal wind turbine prototype achieves its maximum output of 22.8 kWh at 600 rpm. Electricity output is a straight line 15 degree gradient from zero to 600 rotations. Its frameless alternator weighs 43 kg and has a quotient Watt/kg output of 530. Total maximum weight of the wind turbine including wind vane and 8 wind blades is 100-125 Kg.

How SolidWorks helped you achieve the desired results:

The initial idea was brought to us from Wind Simplicity Inc.  They providing design information regarding the alternator and their patented wind blade design.  SolidWorks enabled us to simplify and speed up the design process.  By assigning all the proper materials we were able to reduce the weight, while maintaining the structural strength required to handle all the applied loads.  The models were exported out for their engineers CFD analysis.

Wolf Wind Turbine Demonstration

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