Customer Design: Future Hydrogen Gas Station

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 16, 2010

Hydrogen Gas Station Design Concept

Hydrogen Gas Station Design Concept

Joseph Paonessa of the UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), in Oshawa, Ontario, submitted his green design concept of a Hydrogen Gas Station for one of our design contests. One day soon we might all be driving around in hydrogen fueled cars, filling up at a gas station just like this one!

Describe the product design and it’s functionality.

This is a conceptual design of a futuristic Canadian gas station.  As we are becoming more environmentally conscious, we will be using hydrogen fuel cells to power our vehicles of the future.  Using a new fuel source to power our vehicles, a new gas station is needed to accommodate the hydrogen fuel.  This gas station is able to accommodate hydrogen as a fuel while delivering more to the consumer.  While refueling your vehicle through the gas hose, the pumping station is able to run a diagnostic test on your car to show you the status of your Electric Motor, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Tank.  The gas station is also energy independent as it uses solar panels and a wind turbine to create electricity for the lighting, gas pumps, accessories and to produce hydrogen gas for the consumer.

Describe why this design is “cool” in your industry.

In the automotive industry there has been much talk about hydrogen cars, but no talk about how we will refuel them.  This design is cool as it takes into consideration the needs that consumers will have in the future with regards to their hydrogen vehicles as well as where we will get the fuel from.  The gas station is able to diagnose your vehicle and maybe even fix the problem before it become larger and more expensive.  This gas stations’ design also makes it self sustainable to produce its product and sell it all at the same time and at the same location.  The design takes out foreign issue with regards to energy, saves on transportation costs for the fuel and above all is environmentally friendly.

Describe how SolidWorks aided you on this project.

From the first conceptual drawing to the final assembly, SolidWorks made every step easy, precise and very efficient.  SolidWorks allowed me to easily adjust dimensions, tolerances, lighting, materials, colour and textures in all of the parts and assemblies.  I was able to create lots of detail in the design with the various tools in SolidWorks.  Through inserting pictures I was able to sketch and create solid models of the pictures as well as using the pictures as decals on the parts and assemblies to add more detail.  SolidWorks has every tool that you need from beginning to end to achieve a professional result.

So, when will we be driving around in hydrogen cars and filling up at gas stations just like this one? Well it is not too far away. Honda currently has a hydrogen vehicle available on limited release, and it looks as if Chevrolet will be rolling out a vehicle soon. Let’s hope there will be plenty of gas stations that can deliver hydrogen fuel to encourage consumers to move to this type of hybrid vehicle.

Learn more about Honda’s FCX Clarity hydrogen vehicle in this Edmund’s Car Review…

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