Javelin is now accepting entries for the 2010 SolidWorks Cool Design Contest

Article by Rod Mackay updated November 9, 2010


Javelin SolidWorks Cool Design Contest

The 2010 SolidWorks Cool Design Contest is now open for entries from Javelin Commercial or Educational Customers. You have the opportunity to show off your cool designs created with SolidWorks, plus the chance to win an amazing prize! This year we have an Apple iPad and two iPod Touches up for grabs! If you would like to know how you can enter the contest, and intrigued to see a few entries from previous years, please read on…

How to enter the contest

It is really easy to enter the contest, we just need a screenshot or rendering of your design, a few paragraphs of text describing how SolidWorks helped you, and that’s it! Here is a link to the online entry form: http://www.javelin-tech.com/main/successes/entry_form.htm

Previous SolidWorks Cool Design Contest Entries

Here are just a few of the entries from previous years (click on the images below to enlarge), I’m sure you’ll agree these designs are pretty cool!

Shoe Polisher

Shoe Polisher

Entry: Portable Shoe Polisher

Designer: John Liu

Company: Shape Products Inc.

Description: The rechargeable polisher design features a very easy-to-use, ergonomic contoured handle. The polisher charging dock provides the user with multiple attachments that can be used with various colored shoe polishes.

Photon Aerobar

Photon Aerobar

Entry: Photon Aerobar

Designer: John Liu

Company: CADmech Design Team

Description: CADmech’s bicycle features the Photon Aerobar, a sport specific handlebar design used primarily in triathlon. This unique aerobar design allows the rider adjustability in the positioning of the extended bar through its central interface to the base bar. It also incorporates electronic shifting accessible in the aero position, which minimizes cables and complexity.



Entry: Veinrunner II

Designer: Paul Dupuis

Company: Mining Technologies International

Description: The Veinrunner II is a single boom hydraulic drill rig. It’s carrier is designed to have a 56 inch overall width and 83 inch maximum height for narrow vein mining. The drill boom can drive a maximum 4.5m x 4.5m drift. This particular model of Veinrunner II has a diesel driven power pack for the hydraulic system.

Fully Automated Mold

Fully Automated Mold

Entry: Fully Automated Mold

Designer: Branko Karapancev

Company: Die-Mold Tool Ltd.

Description: A fully automated mold for the production of plastic products used in the plumbing industry, which is a specialized area of Die-Mold Tool Ltd.

Meccano Model

Meccano Model

Entry: Meccano Kit – Prototype Car Design

Designer: Jaedeok Cho

Company: University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Description: UOIT design students were tasked with creating the ideal prototype car design from the Meccano kits limited quantity of parts.



Entry: Connector for the Safety/Fall Arrest Industry

Designer: Bob Claus

Company: PenSafe

Description: This product is a connector for the Safety/Fall Arrest Industry and is designed to save lives.

Do your customers think the designs you created with SolidWorks are really cool? Have you created rendered images for your product marketing? Then enter them into the contest using the online form and you might win an Apple iPad for the holidays!

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