Updating Your SolidWorks Files to 2012 Format

Article by Matt Campbell, CSWE updated March 28, 2012


This is the season to upgrade your SolidWorks from 2011 to 2012. A good practice is to convert all of your models to 2012 too. This will save you from having to convert an old assembly later on, which is helpful if you are working on a tight schedule because it is very time consuming task converting all your files. One of the main functions of the SolidWorks Task Schedule is to automate the updating of files. The Task Schedule is found under SolidWorks Tools in the Start Menu.

Inside SolidWorks Task Scheduler select Convert Files.

From here select Folder to convert and queue up all of your archived files. You can choose to run this during the weekend or at night so that you do not have to have this running in the background as you are working on designs.


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Matt Campbell, CSWE