NEW In SolidWorks 2012 – Span Displays

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated March 27, 2012


New in SolidWorks 2012 is the feature Span Displays.  This new feature allows SolidWorks to intelligently span across dual monitors.

Clicking the “Span Displays” button on the SolidWorks Title Bar, or going to Window > Span Displays, will automatically position and resize the SolidWorks window to take best advantage of your screen’s real estate.

Span Displays works will work with dual monitors (currently only dual monitor configurations are supported) of different sizes and different resolutions settings.  The SolidWorks window will match the height of the display with the smallest vertical resolution.

Once the SolidWorks window is spanned across the two displays, individual SolidWorks files can either be Maximized to span the full display, or you can use the new “Tile Left” or “Tile Right” buttons to move the file to either screen.  Holding the Alt button when clicking one of these buttons while SolidWorks is in single monitor mode will automatically trigger Span Displays and tile the document to the selected monitor.

Additionally dragging a SolidWorks file from within Windows Explorer and dropping it in SolidWorks on either screen will open the file on that screen.

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