NO MORE “Parasitic” Points in the 2012 Hole Wizard

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated May 2, 2012


In my opinion SolidWorks has the best user interface from all CAD programs. Have you noticed how it is always trying to read our thoughts? And most of the time it does a pretty good job, saving us – the users – a lot of keyboard or mouse clicks, therefore a lot of time which makes us more productive.

That being said, I always disliked one particular area where the software was trying to be helpful, but actually created more work for me – and that is the parasitic point placed automatically by the Hole Wizard.

Up to SolidWorks 2011, when you selected the surface where the holes were to be placed, SolidWorks created automatically a point inside your sketch (fig. 1).

SolidWorks 2011 Parasitic Point

Fig. 1.: SolidWorks 2011 Parasitic Point

This was, at best, a waste of time for the user (since he/she had to either delete that point or interrupt his/her workflow to constrain it) and at worst a cause for very costly mistakes; when that point remained in the sketch unnoticed, causing the final part to have an extra hole in it.

Fortunately, another area where SolidWorks is the best at, is listening to its users. One of us created this Enhancement Request: “SPR 545275: Turn off the automatic sketch point in hole wizard” and the nice people from SolidWorks implemented it in the 2012 release.

This is what we see in the 2012 Hole Wizard “Positions” (fig. 2).

No more parasitic points in SolidWorks 2012

Fig. 2: No more parasitic points in SolidWorks 2012

If you are concerned that the face where the holes will be created is not highlighted anymore, just move your cursor over the graphic area and you will get a dynamic feedback about the next hole position (fig. 3).

Dynamic feedback in SolidWorks 2012

Fig. 3: Dynamic feedback in SolidWorks 2012

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