Marble Roller Coaster Save Template (Part 3 of many) [VIDEO]

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated July 23, 2013


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The next step is to create a template or library part that will be used to create all of the roller coaster track segments.  There are two methods for doing this, save as a neutral file format, such as parasolid, or use the save bodies feature.  A part with external references cannot be saved as a template, but a template is easier to use in the future without accidentally changing the master.  I will show the procedure for both, but I am going to use the option of a library part.  The reason for this is to maintain my design intent of being able to change the size of the marble and having the track update appropriately.

Option 1, save as Parasolid

Select the save flyout, save as.  Select Parasolid (.X_T) as the output type.



Click save.  This will save the parasolid in the same folder as the part.  Open the parasolid (do not forget that the open dialog filters filetypes).


When opening any filetype other than SolidWorks you should run import diagnostics.  Click Yes. Click attempt to heal all and then click OK.  Save as again, change the file type to part templates.  Save to any folder you wish, copy the location you use to the clipboard, the next step will be updating the system options to actually use this template.

Once it is saved click Options, File Locations, Add… and browse to that folder.  You can browse to that folder by pasting into the dialog.


Do not change your search paths.

To test this click new.


There should be a new tab with the name of the folder and the connectors template listed inside.

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