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PLC I/O Wire numbering in SolidWorks Electrical

Article by Delvin Masilamani created/updated March 30, 2014

While working with PLCs it is typical for  designers to use the Device I/O as a part of their numbering standard. This tech tip explains how this style of wire numbering can be achieved while working in SolidWorks Electrical.

Create a new PLC mark by right clicking the Main electrical closet >New > PLC mark. Add the manufacturing parts and circuits information.

Insert PLC

Insert PLC

Right click the new PLC mark created and click Insert PLC. Once the PLC is placed, add the wires in the circuit.

Select the wires on which the terminal information needs to be displayed on, right click and go into wire style -> properties.

Wire Properties and Formula Manager

Wire Properties and Formula Manager

In the Wire style manager, select the equipotential formula  field and this launches the Formula manager. Edit the formula so that that the terminal information will appear on the wires. Select the Origin component terminal number (COR_TNO) and click add a simple formula.

Number New Wires

Number New Wires

Select Number new wires and the application will prompt with a message to renumber the wires. Select Yes and  the updated terminal information will display on the wires.

Vince Murugananthan regularly contributes to the documentation for our Electrical Team here at Javelin Technologies. The article below is a useful section from his work. 

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