Easier creation of Thermal/Acoustic Blankets with SOLIDWORKS [WEBINAR]

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 21, 2014

Thermal/Acoustic Blankets

Thermal/Acoustic Blankets

Energy conservation, safety and noise reduction.  These are key functions of Thermal/Acoustic Blankets, and major components in enabling companies to meet the demands of government regulations and to manage operating costs in today’s rapidly evolving oil and gas industry.

Typical Thermal/Acoustic Blanket Production issues

Does your organization struggle with:

  • Slow, expensive manual design and fabrication processes?
  • Multiple site visits to achieve the right fit?
  • Less than optimal material utilization and excessive costs?
  • Efficiently managing reorders?

ExactFlat for SOLIDWORKS is the Solution

ExactFlat and SOLIDWORKS automate the design and development of thermal and acoustic blankets, enabling designers to go from a design request to a production-ready pattern in less than an hour.

Join us for a Best Practices Webinar on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, at 2:00PM (EST). In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll show you how design and production automation helps you to:

  1. Avoid the endless number of iterations to manually create a form fitting jacket
  2. Design covers that form perfectly around tight fitting joints on the valves, piping or equipment
  3. Build cover that conforms precisely to the curvature of  the piping
  4. Accurately measure the placement of attachment points, grommets and fasteners
  5. Enable quick and cost-effective response to retrofit jobs or short run reorder quests
Who Should Attend the Webinar?
  • Designers & Engineers: looking to add new techniques and maintain your competitive edge.
  • Management: evaluating ways to increase their productivity and profitability and establish a new industry benchmark on bid turnaround time.


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