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Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated May 22, 2014


If you’ve been to the SolidWorks Customer Portal, the SolidWorks User Forums, the SolidWorks Blog, etc, you know that there are a lot of resources for you to learn more about the great products you use.

MySolidWorks is the new default

Now this information has been consolidated into a single search platform called MySolidWorks. Although this platform has been available for about a year, a recent change has been made to the SolidWorks Log In screen.  You may now notice that the Log In screen takes you into MySolidWorks instead of the SolidWorks Customer Portal by default.

Here is a screenshot of the Log In page after clicking the Log In link in the top navigation of one of the pages on

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

However notice that there are still links at the bottom to directly access the Customer Portal and User Forums.  These sites are not being replaced as they still host a lot of content.  MySolidWorks is used to search through the various platforms.  Also note that some items are not yet available through MySolidWorks page such as Service Pack downloads.  Currently you can still access the Customer Portal for downloads (quick way is to browse to

Searching on MySolidWorks

After logging into MySolidWorks, you will see a search box in the middle of the screen.  Searching here will pull content from Blogs, 3D ContentCentral, Forums, Knowledge Base Solutions, YouTube and more.

MySolidWorks Home Page

MySolidWorks Home Page

Filter Your Search

You can also use filters to search for specific content.

MySolidWorks Search Filters

Search Filters

What’s New Section

The What’s New section will bring up the latest content from the Blogs, Tutorials, Forums, and YouTube.

MySolidWorks What's New

MySolidWorks What’s New

Learning Section

The Learning section provides some basic introductory tutorials on different topics.  There is also a link to view your SolidWorks training course manuals online after completing a course (click the Training Manuals link in the sub navigation).

MySolidWorks Learning

MySolidWorks Learning

For a video tutorial showing some of the search filters in MySolidWorks, check out Chris’s blog post at

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