SOLIDWORKS EPDM – Filter Workflow using Transition Conditions

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated October 15, 2014


Using Transition Conditions, files can be pushed to a branch of workflow, or into a different workflow.

This simple workflow illustrates how we can filter which destination workflow a file will enter, based on input from a file data card.

filter workflow

Filter Workflow

In this example file data card, the value for the variable Part Type, can be set to Custom or Standard.

data card

Data Card

Automatic transitions are used in this workflow, so that the only input required, is through the data card.

Automatic filter workflow

Automatic filter workflow

Conditions are set for each transition, to filter which direction a file will take in the workflow. A file with a value of  ‘Custom’, for the variable Part Type, will transition to the Custom workflow link.  A file with a value of  ‘Standard’, for the variable Part Type, will transition to the Standard workflow link.

condition part type

Condition part type

The workflow links will then move the files to the appropriate destination workflow.

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