SOLIDWORKS Simulation Incremental Nonlinear Simulation Results

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated October 14, 2014

Incremental Nonlinear Simulation

Incremental Nonlinear Simulation

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can visualize intermediate results during an Incremental Nonlinear Simulation. By getting visual feedback of the results as the simulation progresses, you can make decisions to either stop the simulation and make adjustments to the input, or let the solver proceed with the current settings.

To View Incremental Nonlinear Simulation

To view intermediate result plots while running a nonlinear study, pick Default Options > Results, then select Show intermediate result plots up to the current iteration (while running the nonlinear study).

When the first iteration step completes, the results for the active plot are shown on the graphics area. As the solution progresses to the next iteration step, the active plot gets dynamically updated. If you have not activated a result plot, the first plot under Results is dynamically updated in the graphics area.

To toggle the visibility between plots, under Results right-click the active plot, and click Show or Hide.

Incremental Nonlinear Simulation Demonstration

Watch the video for a quick demo.

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