Make Finding & Reusing Existing Parts with EXALEAD your SOLIDWORKS New Year’s Resolution

Article by Rod Mackay updated January 11, 2015


It’s the new year and just about every company owner wants to save time and money for their business in 2015. As a SOLIDWORKS user how can you help to achieve that goal?

The High Cost of Designing Parts

You may not realize it but you regularly make business decisions that can introduce significant costs into the company you work for – the main one is the decision to create a new part or try to find and reuse an existing one! Searching for parts and related information is very time-consuming and potentially error-prone, what if you could cut down on the time you spend locating files and even reuse similar or equivalent parts that already exist inside your company’s existing data assets.

You probably have a PDM/PLM system that can help you to search for files, but can it rapidly find and compare similar parts hidden inside data sources and silos scattered throughout your company? You might not realize that the part you need is already available, or you might simply choose to recreate a similar part rather than spend unproductive time searching for it.

The Solution is EXALEAD OnePart

EXALEAD OnePart is a business discovery Web Application that can quickly and easily find existing parts, product designs and other related information located anywhere inside your organization, even beyond obvious PDM and PLM repositories. Optimized reuse of parts, designs and related documentation can accelerate product development and will allow you to help decrease design, material, manufacturing, and storage costs.


EXALEAD OnePart Finding & Reusing Existing Parts

How does EXALEAD OnePart work?

With EXALEAD OnePart you can explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, gaining immediate insight into vast amounts of previously hidden data. You can further refine your search using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse. When a similar part is discovered, you can also analyze important related documentation like specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats (such as .xls & .pdf) to facilitate optimal reuse and a complete view of the situation.

EXALEAD Part Comparison

EXALEAD Part Comparison

In the video below Dassault Systèmes data management expert Joy Garon demonstrates how to quickly locate a part and find similar shaped parts using EXALEAD:


Using EXALEAD with SOLIDWORKS allows you to enhance your data management capabilities, here are just a few examples:

  • Search parts, assemblies, and drawings from most data sources, including major CAD providers, from a user-friendly full-text search bar.
  • Auto-complete Web search functionality speeds up search queries.
  • Navigation into the parent and children relationships of an assembly to converge on the exact right part.
  • 3D mechanical feature mining (locating parts based on holes, pads, grooves, and more).
  • Side-by-side comparisons to quickly highlight the most relevant part for reuse.
  • Shape Search to find similar parts based on a known reference.
  • User-friendly charts and graphs with configurable Key Performance Indicators for rapid analysis.

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