Separate Weldment Profile Standard Folder Names [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated January 30, 2015


The default Weldment Profile directory contains two standards, Ansi Inch and Iso.  If you add additional directories in the File Locations, you may be losing some available profiles.  If more than one directory contains a folder “Ansi Inch” for example, only one of these directory can be used.  The last directory listed in the File Locations will be the one used for that standard.

Duplicate Weldment Profile Type Folders

Duplicate Weldment Profile Type Folders

To avoid the conflict and missing profiles, be sure to use unique Standard names in each directory.  For example, in a custom weldment profile directory, I would name the Standard subfolder “Javelin – Ansi Inch” to be able to see the difference between the default and custom Ansi Inch profiles.

Here is a video demonstrating this workflow:

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