Freehand Sketching with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Software

Article by Eric van Essen updated April 30, 2015


We have done quite a few demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and every time we do I get more excited about the impact this new technology will have on the Industrial Design process.  In fact, I get excited for any customer who does complex surfacing or creates complex organic shapes in general as the capabilities truly redefine the design approach of the past.   There are a number of unique and favourite capabilities of the software but one of the first aspects of the tool someone would typically use is freehand sketching.

Freehand Sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software

Freehand Sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer has the ability to freehand sketch using a touch screen or Wacom tablet and actually make use of the information you are creating.   The freehand sketching can take the pressure you are applying into consideration for a thin or thick line and erasing can be as simple as using the other side of your Wacom stylus.  Very cool!  You can of course sketch freehand on any plane but one of my favourite aspects of this freehand sketching is the ability to sketch directly on geometry.  This is where SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer truly transforms in to an artists tool-set as you can sketch in features rapidly before 3D modeling.

This is all great, but when it comes to freehand sketching, by far the most impressive capability it has is the ability to easily convert freehand sketches into splines, that can then be used to create geometry.  Using this technique you can basically cut your virtual clay with a sweep of your pen and a couple clicks to complete the command.

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I will write about a bunch of my other favourites in the future, but if you’re reading this blog before Wednesday, May 6th  I encourage you to register for our first SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer event:

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Additional Details about Industrial Designer can be found on our product page, and you can see a short demonstration below:

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