Creating Swept Rods & Tubes in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 14, 2015

Swept Feature Example

Swept Feature Example

The SOLIDWORKS Sweep Feature has been enhanced for the SOLIDWORKS 2016 release. There is a new Circular Profile option to create a solid rod or hollow tube along a sketch line, edge, or curve directly on a model without having to sketch. This enhancement is available for Swept Boss/Base, Swept Cut, and Swept Surface features.

Enhanced SOLIDWORKS Sweep Feature

In this example I’ll create a swept rod onto a pool slide surface without creating a circular profile sketch:

  1. To start I’ll select Insert > Boss/Base > Sweep.
  2. Pick the new Circular profile option from the PropertyManager.
Sweep PropertyManager

Sweep PropertyManager

  1. Specify a size for the profile in this example I’ll enter 50mm.
  2. Then pick a path for the sweep, in this example I’ll pick an edge of the slide surface, a preview of the sweep will be displayed:
Sweep Preview

Sweep Preview

  1. Pick OK and the swept feature will be added to the model as shown in the example below:
SOLIDWORKS Sweep Feature

Swept Feature

Learn more about the Sweep Feature

Attend our Advanced Part Modeling training course either in-class or online to learn more about using the SOLIDWORKS Sweep feature.

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