How to add a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Watermark from Microsoft Word

Article by Sanja Srzic updated March 4, 2016


In addition to using a sheet-format annotation as a watermark, you can also add a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Watermark from Microsoft Word.

Start by accessing sheet format – right-click on the drawing blank area and select Edit Sheet Format.  Proceed with Insert > Object > Create New > Microsoft Word Document.

Insert Object dialog

Insert Object dialog

A Microsoft Word window will appear in SOLIDWORKS. Select Design > Watermark > Custom Watermark and set options as needed.  After clicking Apply/Close, the watermark appears in SOLIDWORKS.

Set up Watermark

Set up Watermark


Drag the Microsoft Word window to move it or double-click to be able to resize.  There are two options that can be used to control display of the watermark:

  • from the RMB menu select ‘Send To Back.’
  • from the RMB menu select Properties > Sharpen Zoomed State
Sharpen Zoomed State

Sharpen Zoomed State

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