Eliminate your Top 3 File Management Risks with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 11, 2016


File Management Risks

Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday April 13th at 2:00PM EST to discover the top three file management risks designers and engineers face on a daily basis. See how SOLIDWORKS PDM can eliminate these risks and get your products to market faster and error free.

What you will learn at the webinar

During the webinar our Product Data Management (PDM) experts will demonstrate how SOLIDWORKS PDM software will:

  1. Eliminate the risk of a costly error of designing or manufacturing the wrong version/revision of a document
  2. Eliminate the risk of wasting time over redrawing parts because windows search is slow and limited options
  3. Eliminate the risk of productivity loss due to a lack of team coordination and workflow execution
Who should attend the webinar
  • Designers and engineers frustrated by loss of data, and system performance issues.
  • Managers who need better visibility on project status, accountability, and a more effective process for moving design to manufacturing.
  • Company owners who want to save time and money with a more streamlined workflow.

Presenting the webinar

Scott Lidgey, Javelin Technical Solutions Manager, Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE)

Scott LidgeyScott Lidgey has over 15 years experience inspiring 3D technology in countless Canadian businesses to solve design and process challenges, enabling designers and engineers to flourish. Initially working with the Autodesk® product offerings; Scott was introduced to SOLIDWORKS® in 1998 and has never looked back. Learn more about Scott on LinkedIn »

Solutions for your entire business

Javelin is more than just your authorized SOLIDWORKS PDM reseller; we can provide your business with exclusive solutions for every stage of your product lifecycle. To help reduce time-to value, drive greater agility to meet changing market demands, and increase success for your product launches. Learn more about our solutions »

Javelin Track

Javelin Track

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