SOLIDWORKS PCB: Changing Net Colour [VIDEO]

Article by Justin Flett updated May 18, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PCB changing net colour is just one of a number of great tools to help highlight and control specific aspects of your Projects.  You can use the PCB panel to highlight specific nets, components, polygons, and more which helps give complete and easy control over your project; for a more complete and automated design process.

For example, say if you wanted to change the colour of a particular net object rather than changing the entire layer colour, we can make use of the PCB panel to achieve this.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Changing Net Colour

Changing PCB Net Colours

The colours for the nets are assigned from the panel.  This can be found by navigating to View > PCB, from here we can select certain nets to highlight or even change colour.  Say for example for clarity we wanted to change our ground net colour to be a red to help distinguish from other nets we could simply navigate to the ground net within our PCB panel, right-click and select “Change Net Color” and then check on this new net highlight color.  Now it is easy to see which net refers to ground.  This process is shown in the video below.

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