Automated SOLIDWORKS structural design with The Steel Detailer [VIDEO]

Article by Vicky Guignard updated June 6, 2016


Do you work in the following Industries:

  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry

Then you need to check out The Steel Detailer (TSD), it is an automated SOLIDWORKS structural design software product created specifically for your industry to speed up the production of structural models and fabrication drawings. See a demo in the video below:

The Steel Detailer is a new SOLIDWORKS add-in and provides industry specific features within SOLIDWORKS to automate your repetitive tasks. Take a look at some example models below:

Advantages of The Steel Detailer

Some of the major advantages of The Steel Detailer are listed below:

  • Automated Detail Drawings
  • Automated Filing
  • Automated GA’s/Construction drawing
  • Automated Purlin Drawings
  • Bolted Connections
  • Copy and Duplication
  • Cut list, Bolt Schedules, Plate and Flat Bar lists, Vendor Lists
  • DSTV CNC Export
  • Global weldment profile Library
  • Grid balloon Insertion
  • Material takeoff
  • Multiple Drawing Modifications
  • Multiple Insertion
  • Network License Server
  • Reduced level Symbol Insertion
  • Plate DXF Export
  • Pricing and Quote Reporting
  • Project Creation Automation
  • SDNF Export and Import
  • Status Management
  • SQL Database
  • Structural and Panel Library

There are 600+ Library Models in TSD. Each Structural and Concrete Library models include detail drawing templates.

When it comes to a bolted connection, any detailer out there knows how tedious the task is in SOLIDWORKS as it involves choosing your connection types, figuring out the right size and location for the holes, then the cutouts… FOR EACH CONNECTION!!

Automated SOLIDWORKS structural design

SOLIDWORKS bolted connections

With TSD, the bolted connection process is fully automated!

  1. You simply choose your connection, insert it and the connection AUTOMATICALLY matches the selected sections!
  2. The plates are AUTOMATICALLY selected based on the section sizes! And at the same time, your Bolt quantities are automatically adjusted.
  3. Section automatically COPED.
  4. Bolt length AND grip length are also adjusted.
  5. AND, your connections are automatically CONNECTED to the driving sketch, meaning if the size and location ever changes, updating the driving sketch will update everything automatically.

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