Clean Reinstallation of ExactFlat for SOLIDWORKS

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated June 27, 2016


ExactFlat is a SOLIDWORKS Add-in solution used to solve flat pattern layouts of fabrics and pool liners. On occasion you may need to reinstall ExactFlat to ensure proper registration of DLLs and integration into the SOLIDWORKS registry keys.

Reinstall ExactFlat cutting machine design software

Reinstall steps

This post provides details into the proper steps for a complete removal and installation of the ExactFlat software.

  1. Ensure full local Windows permissions.
  2. Back up your ExactFlat add-in options.  Click ‘Options’ on the ExactFlat tab in SOLIDWORKS.  Choose ‘Export Add-in Options’ on the right panel.
  3. Close SOLIDWORKS.
  4. Backup any custom DatabaseSettings.xml and Standalone Databases folder (found under C:\ProgramData\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat)
  5. Uninstall all ExactFlat programs listed in Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  6. Delete all files in “C:\Program Files\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat for SolidWorks 1.0”.
  7. Delete all files in “%AppData%\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat”.
  8. Delete all files in “C:\ProgramData\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat” except DatabaseSettings.xml and the Standalone Databases folder.
  9. Run the ExactFlat installer and click the “Options” button. Select “Overwrite Drawing Tool Templates”. Proceed with installation.
  10. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat for SolidWorks 1.0”, right-click on ExactFlatDiagnostics.exe, and click on “Run as administrator”. Click cancel on the “System Information” window that appears.
  11. Click on Tools -> Registry -> Remove ExactFlat
  12. Click on Tools -> Registry -> Add ExactFlat
  13. Ensure your custom database files are still in “C:\ProgramData\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat”.  Replace with your backup if required.
  14. Open SOLIDWORKS and go to ‘Options’ on the ExactFlat tab and choose ‘Import Add-in Options’ to bring in the settings (saved in Step #2)
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