Unique SOLIDWORKS Training Program designed for people not software

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 5, 2016


Javelin provides a complete SOLIDWORKS training program for both new and long-term users. Our unique training has helped hundreds of Canadian design and engineering teams to build the right skills to successfully use SOLIDWORKS to its full potential. Through our personalized approach your team will get the exact training they need to improve productivity; and adoption of the latest SOLIDWORKS version.

We have expertise in many industries, working with both large and small organizations; and will partner with you to determine the right solution for your business.

SOLIDWORKS Training Program

SOLIDWORKS Training Program

Through the unique SOLIDWORKS training program your team will:

  • Have an improved HR process for onboarding new employees and the advancement of existing employees through SOLIDWORKS certification.
  • Receive training on the latest SOLIDWORKS software in a hands-on training environment with both live online and on-site classroom options.
  • Gain the flexibility of standard or custom delivery of training content that is focused on how your business uses SOLIDWORKS.

Unique training services for your people

Javelin training is unique in that we have a defined process where we work directly with your Design/Engineering and Human Resources departments. Providing training services which are designed for your people and not your software! Our team will help your HR to assess new hires, bring new employees onboard more effectively; and advance the careers of your existing employees. Learn more about our people services below:

  1. Helping you hire the right people — Investing in new employees is always a risk; especially when their SOLIDWORKS skills are proven only after working with you for a few months. So to ensure you hire the right people we can provide you with a custom skills assessment; that will test the SOLIDWORKS knowledge of potential employees allowing you to find the best candidate.
  2. Improve your onboarding process — Bringing new employees up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS while ensuring that your best practices are communicated effectively is a challenge for every business. Which is why we design custom onboarding programs for HR departments; which are tailored to the way your business works with SOLIDWORKS software. Having effective onboarding training for your new employees will reduce the need for support from other team members; while helping to increase the adoption rate of company standards.
  3. Assessing and improving your people — A Javelin assessor will investigate how your business currently uses SOLIDWORKS software and assess your team’s skills to determine where productivity can be dramatically increased. Following the assessment are one-on-one sessions with individual team members to update their techniques and provide targeted training identified from the assessment. After training has been completed we meet with management to report our findings and results obtained from the one-on-one sessions. You will also receive a comprehensive report which contains recommendations to improve your business productivity; and suggestions for further education to develop your individual team members.
  4. Advancing the careers of your people — Ensure your team members are able to develop over time by providing them with a structured career path through SOLIDWORKS Certification programs. With twelve certification programs to choose from, including industry specific designations, there is a program that will fit your business. With certified employees you can prove to your customers that your team is proficient and help your salespeople to win more business. Certification will also make you more confident in your team’s abilities and in the products that you are producing.
  5. Government funding services — Another unique benefit of working with Javelin is our experience is helping customers obtain government funding and grants to help pay for the development of your employees. We will assist you through the funding process, helping you to find the right program and assist with the required paperwork. There are many different funding programs available for skills and technology improvement and we can ensure that you don’t lose out on any funding opportunities.

“Our employees see training as a commitment from us to help them execute in their jobs. Three things make up a business: tools, processes, and people. You can’t invest in tools and processes and forget to invest in people. It’s an important part of the triangle.”

— Dr. Fred Cotaras, Chief Technology Director for Maritime Systems, Ultra Electronics.

Effective learning solutions

Get the most effective SOLIDWORKS learning solutions from instructors who are passionate about teaching. Your team will be able to learn from SOLIDWORKS experts in a training environment that suits your needs; either in-class, on-site, or live online with custom courseware designed specifically for your business:

  1. The most effective eLearning solution — Javelin Online Live Training (JOLT) is our unique method of delivering classroom based training directly to your desktop. We know that time is valuable and having team members leave your workplace to take training is not always possible. So for just a few hours a day your team can take live SOLIDWORKS training over the web; giving you the effectiveness of classroom based training with the convenience of online training. JOLT overcomes the disadvantages of self-paced video based training which team members never seem to have time to take or fully benefit from. All of our instructor-led courses are available live over the web and can also be customized to meet your team’s individual needs.
  2. On-the-job training at your office — You understand the value of skills training in increasing efficiency and want the best possible 3D design tools with the ability to use them to their full potential. If taking days away from the office for training is not an option, we can deliver training at your location. Receive advanced training paired with customized on-the-job coaching with Javelin’s Certified Instructors. Our SOLIDWORKS Custom Skill Builder Program is flexible and convenient, and keeps your team right where it needs to be, at work growing your business.
  3. Customized courseware — If you need custom courseware for your people then we can also provide that service. The Javelin training team can customize existing training courses or even create brand new courseware specifically for your business. In the past we have created role specific and software specific courseware which matches the methodologies and best practices that clients needed employees to follow. Course manuals and supporting video content can also be developed and integrated into your learning management system.
Training Services

Assessment (left), JOLT (right), Classroom training (below)

“My most recent experience with Javelin was through the “JOLT” online training. I’ve taken online training before and was somewhat skeptical, but this was different. The ability to talk to the instructor and hear other student’s questions and comments was terrific.”

— Kyle Swain, Mechanical Designer, Vemco.

The Training Process

When we engage with your team it is typically a four step process:

SOLIDWORKS Training Process

SOLIDWORKS Training Process

01 Assess your training needs

Working with your relevant departments we will establish a clear understanding of the scope and objectives of your training needs. Then construct a detailed map of training recommendations, and help you to understand the costs and benefits.

02 Design and plan your training program

We will work with you to design tailored learning paths for your team members; and explore learning opportunities for your organization.

03 Implement your training

Our team implements and delivers your training programs to best fit your needs. Training can be delivered either in-class, on-site, or live online; whichever best suits your needs.

04 Evaluate, monitor, and provide ongoing learning

After training, we obtain your feedback and ensure courses and learning paths are effective for your team. Regular skills reviews will determine how your team is improving. Plus we provide options for ongoing learning so that your team stays up-to-date with the latest best practices and new releases of SOLIDWORKS.

Get your tailored SOLIDWORKS Training Program

Do you want to improve your team efficiency? Work more effectively with SOLIDWORKS through convenient on-the-job training? Then please contact us and talk to a training representative about our SOLIDWORKS Training Program.

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