Which plastic is best for your products? Find out with SOLIDWORKS

Article by Erin Elliott updated September 14, 2016


Did you know that there are fewer than 100 commonly used plastic materials? But, part designers are forced to choose from thousands of commercial-grade plastics because they are so highly customizable due to the use of fillers, additives, reinforcements, blends, copolymers, etc. In fact, just the addition of different colorants can cause a given material to have one set of physical properties while the same material in another colour has a different set of physical properties – which may not be adequate for a particular end-use application. Learn how to choose which plastic is best for your products.



Avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong material for your plastic products

Learn a basic methodology for understanding the different types of plastics available and how customization of those materials can affect physical properties, chemical resistance and processability, by using SOLIDWORKS Plastics to analyze and visualize polymer melt flow.

Get it right the first time – choose the best plastic for your application

In just 22 minutes, you can learn how to determine the best plastics materials for your specific application based on:

  • Physical strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact strength
  • Surface appearance
  • Recyclability
  • Cost of material


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