SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Display Simulation Results in the Graphics Area

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 19, 2016


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 now gives you the ability to display the results of a Simulation plot in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area.  This is useful for demonstration purposes if the Simulation study has been simplified by excluding components.  Viewing plots in the Simulation study itself will only show components being analyzed.  Excluded components are hidden.  Now you can show stress or displacement results within the active model view so all components are visible.

Display SOLIDWORKS Simulation Results

Simulation Results Displayed

To display SOLIDWORKS Simulation Results

To display SOLIDWORKS Simulation results in the graphics window, either choose Simulation Display from View Settings (in the Heads-up Display) or View > Display > Simulation Display.

  • You must have the Simulation add-in enabled
  • An existing Simulation study of the same configuration must be available with results
SOLIDWORKS Display Option

SOLIDWORKS Display Option

Then the PropertyManager provides you with options on what plot to view and different display options.

SIMULATION display PropertyManager

SIMULATION display PropertyManager

This pop-up is given  when first enabling Simulation Display indicating its functionality.  You can also overlay the Simulation results in Photoview 360 renderings.

Simulation Display Pop-up

Simulation Display Pop-up

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

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