How to prevent users from changing their SOLIDWORKS System Options

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated September 25, 2016


In my previous article I mentioned that while creating an Administrative Image with SOLIDWORKS 2017, you now have the ability to manage and lock SOLIDWORKS System Options. Below are the detailed steps that will allow you to exert control over which SOLIDWORKS system options can be modified by users in your organization.

Prerequisites to lock SOLIDWORKS System Options:

In order to successfully access the SOLIDWORKS Setting Administrator you will need to have a machine that provides:

  1. Access to an administrative image, which had been previously created.
  2. A standalone version of SOLIDWORKS, which is used to access the SOLIDWORKS options for modification.

Accessing the Admin Image and the Options Editor:

Once you have located the Admin Image that you wish to modify, open the Administrative Option Editor by finding the “sldAdminOptionEditor.exe” file stored within the Administrative images top level folder.

  • After the administrative option editor is open, choose the desired group upon which to modify the settings.
  • Choose the “Edit” button (Pencil Icon)
  • Expand the Client Installation Options area of the dialog.
Setup the Administrative Image

Setup the Administrative Image

How do you want to apply SOLIDWORKS Settings?

Navigate down the list of various settings you will find the section that asks:

  • Find the section titled: How do you want to apply SOLIDWORKS Settings?”
  • Choose the radio button that states “Use a settings file exported from the SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator.
  • If this option is “Greyed Out’ is is likely that there is not an installation of SOLIDWORKS on the local system.
Launch Settings Administrator

Launch Settings Administrator

Choose your Settings Source:

A new window should open and present you with the welcome screen for the SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator dialog. From this dialog you can choose your own adventure (so to speak).

  • Start using a default set of options
  • Import SOLIDWORKS 2017 from the current standalone installation
  • Browse to an existing SLDREG file
  • Browse to an existing SLDSETTINGS file
SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator Welcome Screen

SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator Welcome Screen

In order to start with a shiny new set of Options, choose the “Default set of Options” and click “Next”

You will then be able to apply and lock SOLIDWORKS System Options that are available within the Options dialog.

Choose your Settings, and Lock them down!

The difference between this dialog, and a normal SOLIDWORKS options dialog, is that there are two extra checkboxes beside each setting.

  1. The first checkbox will permit you to “Apply” the settings that you specify in the next steps.
  2. The Second checkbox will Lock SOLIDWORKS System Options and prevent users from modifying the settings through their options dialog.

(Hey now… locking down access to the registry is the responsibility of a concerned IT Professional)

Lock SOLIDWORKS System Options

Locking Settings

Please be aware that every single file path under the “File Locations” area of the dialog has it’s own checkbox available within the dropdown menu. This checkbox governs whether the specific file path is controlled by the “Apply” or “Lock” checkboxes.

Lock file locations

Lock file locations

When you have configured all of the desired options (and everyone has agreed on which options should be locked down) click “Next” at the bottom of the dialog.

Finishing Up:

The next stop on the “Lock Settings Odyssey”  is to specify when and how to apply the Locked Options.

It is good practice for the CAD administrator to add in their contact information, so that angry co-workers can contact them directly.

You also have the opportunity to allow users to override the settings and options you have chosen by entering a password.

Setting a password

Setting a password


Select “Next” then save a *.SLDSETTINGS file that will store all of the applied and locked settings for use in the full deployment with the Administrative Image.

Saving the Admin file settings

Saving the Admin file settings

Save the SLDSETTINGS file in a network location that everyone can access, then move onto the selection of the remaining options within the Administrative Options Editor.

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