How SOLIDWORKS PDM Search will reduce wasted time [VIDEO]

Article by Dimos Siagoulis updated September 6, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) Standard is an essential add-in for reducing downtime while working on your 3D CAD projects. See the video below to learn how the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tools reduce the time it takes to find files from different assemblies or projects.

Eliminate re-designing old parts with Copy Tree feature

SOLIDWORKS PDM completely eliminates the risk of having to re-design your old part files. A lot of time can be wasted searching through your old project files in order to find a common part that you might need for your new project. Sometimes you’ll end up copying your entire project over because you aren’t sure which part it was and don’t want to have broken references.

Using PDM’s Copy Tree feature you will be able to see exactly which projects share the same parts as well as choose exactly which parts you want to copy over instead of copying the entire project. Copy Tree will automatically deselect the common files such as nuts and bolts to avoid unnecessary wasted space on your hard drive  Furthermore, copy tree will automatically match the drawing name to their part and assembly files, maintaining your naming convention.


Using PDM’s search cards you can efficiently find a steel bolt in seconds.

Find parts quickly with SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Cards

SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Cards make it easier for you to search for any part within the PDM vault. With more search capability than Windows searches, using a Card you can search by:

  • description of the part,
  • when it was made,
  • the material,
  • project number,
  • and of course the file name.

This search option is very powerful when you forget what the name of the part you designed was but remember key attributes. Spend seconds instead of minutes looking for common parts like bolts.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in a single location.  Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard allows you to manage your SOLIDWORKS data more effectively on local and shared network drives.

Read additional blog articles to learn how to get started with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, including installation, setup, and usage.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides even more functionality, learn about the differences between the Standard and Professional PDM versions.

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