How to Combine SOLIDWORKS Hole Callouts – Part 2

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated October 12, 2016


As I discussed in part one of this blog, there are two ways to combine SOLIDWORKS Hole Callouts. Our customer was happy with the first method for combining callouts by changing the text positions of the callouts, then overlapping the callouts. But here I’ll show you the second method.

The other method is to create a regular note, then use the ability to link a note to multiple dimensions or hole callouts. Here are the steps to combine SOLIDWORKS Hole Callouts in a note:

  1. First I insert a Note into the drawing, SOLIDWORKS will prompt me to enter some text, but I’ll leave it blank for the moment.
Insert a Note

Insert a Note

  1. I’m going to select one of the Hole Callouts instead of entering text in the note. You’ll notice that when I select one of the Callouts, the entire annotation gets copied into the note.
Select a Hole Callout

Select a Hole Callout

  1. Repeat for the other callout.
Combine SOLIDWORKS Hole Callouts

Select other Hole Callout

  1. Format the note as desired.
  2. Finally, hide the original dimensions by right-clicking on them and choosing the Hide option. This will hide the dimensions, but will maintain the link. If I modify either of the holes in the feature tree, this callout will update.
Hide Hole Callouts

Hide Hole Callouts

This can also be used in many other applications. You can have a note that says “OVERALL SIZE 125mm x 50mm x 10mm” and have it automatically update when design changes are made. The note can contain any mixture of typing and selections.

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