PlantWorks is a complete 3D Plant Design & Visualization Solution for SOLIDWORKS

Article by Vicky Guignard updated December 5, 2016


If you are looking for a 3D Plant Design tool to help you develop early visibility of your proposed plant, or are simply looking at reorganizing your shop floor — we have a great solution for that! It is PlantWorks!

3D Plant Design created with PlantWorks

3D Plant Design created with PlantWorks

PlantWorks Demonstration

PlantWorks is a really nice piece of software that has been developed by Javelin. The tool was designed to help you create and lay out your plants quickly and easily. It is built right inside of SOLIDWORKS and has its own toolbar on the CommandManager, plus an accessible library in the task pane. From there, you can easily drag and drop components from your library onto the plant floor. Giving you a good visual to see if your machines are going to fit or interfere with anything else.


3D Plant Design is made easy with PlantWorks

PlantWorks includes a standard component library which allows you to easily drag and drop plant components into your design. You can also create a custom library of components specific to your business. The PlantWorks library insertion process is intelligent so that only specified parameters are available when inserting library components, thus making the plant creation process more automated for users.

  • Works with lightweight models.
  • You don’t need to be a solidworks user to layout a plant and “mate” components without knowing all intricacies of libraries, mating etc.
  • Projects are also unique libraries
  • Parts are copied to the project folders to keep separate files.
  • View and interpret layout drawings easily
  • Includes a standard component library
  • Perform collision detection tests
  • Ability to create custom libraries
  • Simulate a plant ‘walk-through’ with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager
  • Easily identify pipes and mezzanines
  • Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS®
  • Create realistic renderings of your plant design with PhotoView 360
  • Publishable to SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional®

PlantWorks also manages your library files and provides simple to use tools for quickly positioning components into your plant layout.

When completed, you can then simulate a plant ‘walk through’ with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager. Which can really have you differentiate from other companies when presenting to potential clients. If you would like a complete walk through of how the tool can help you and company.

Get a custom demo of 3D Plant Design

Click here to request an online demonstration of PlantWorks from Javelin. Or buy the software online from our web store.

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