SOLIDWORKS Section View Jog Line Options

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated March 21, 2017


When adding Section Views to your SOLIDWORKS drawings, there is a pop-up toolbar allowing you to place jogs in the section line.  There are the options Arc Offset, Single Offset and Notch Offset.  Pay attention to the numbers shown in the icon as this is the order of selection.

Section View Jog Offsets

Section View Jog Offsets

SOLIDWORKS Section Jog Line

Section View Notch Offset

This generates a projected view of the jog that shows all of the horizontal cuts.



However in much older versions of SOLIDWORKS, these jog options were not available and you had to manually draw a sketch line of the jogged section.  You can still do this in the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS and it gives you additional options.  Draw the section line with the regular Line tool.

Manually drawn Section Line

Manually drawn Section Line

Now with the manually drawing lines selected, when you click on Section View it gives you two options:

Manually created Section Line options

Manually created Section Line options

The first option “Create legacy foreshortened section view” will created a projected view of only the horizontal cuts, just like did before.

However the second option “Create a standard section view” generates a section view that is unfolded along the cutting line showing all of the cut faces (horizontal and vertical in this case) so the view will appear to be longer.

Section View created using ‘Create a standard section view’ option

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