How to use an Object Type Condition in SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflows and Categories

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated July 28, 2017


SOLIDWORKS PDM Conditions are powerful tools for controlling document flow, through a Workflow Transition. In a previous article titled, SOLIDWORKS PDM Transition Conditions, I looked at the general use of Conditions. Most of the available Conditions, such as Category, File Path, Revision and Variables are self explanatory, but a SOLIDWORKS PDM Object Type condition can be a little confusing.

Condition Variables

Condition Variables

With Object Type, PDM is filtering data passing through a Transition, by type of Object it is. The Object can be one of three entities:

  • File: With this filter, only physical files are allowed to pass through a transition. The File Object Type should not be confused with Filepath. Filepath filters by file name, extension, or path.
  • BOM: Named BOM’s are saved from a Computed BOM’s. These BOM’s can be checked in and out, as well as being “revisioned”. This Filter will only allow named BOM’s to pass through a Transition.
  • Item: An Item consists entirely of metadata, that can be used to collect the entire “product definition” of a project. This can include CAD data, documentation and other supporting documents. Items don’t themselves contain files, but they can be linked to files. With this filter, only items pass through a Transition.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Object Type Condition

SOLIDWORKS PDM Object Type Condition

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