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My SOLIDWORKS ProgramData Folder is not Visible?

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE created/updated July 17, 2017

Many of the SOLIDWORKS File Locations point to folders in C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS.  This includes default items like Templates, Custom Material Databases, Weldment Profiles, Design Libraries, etc. You may have noticed that browsing to this folder is not always visible.  By default, Windows keeps SOLIDWORKS ProgramData (C:\ProgramData) hidden.  There are two ways to browse to this location.

Browse directly to C:\ProgramData in the Address Bar

When you have Windows Explorer open for browsing, type C:\ProgramData directly into the address bar.

FIGURE 1: SOLIDWORKS Browse to ProgramData

Change Windows Folder Options to Show Hidden Folders

You can also show all hidden files and folders.  This will now show the ProgramData folder in a lighter grey colour (indicating it is a hidden folder).

In Windows 7, hold the Alt key to see the file menus.  Then select Tools > Folder Options.

FIGURE 2: Windows 7 Folder Options

In Windows 10, select View > Options > Change folder and search options.

FIGURE 3: Windows 10 Folder Options

Once in the Folder Options dialog, select the View tab then enable ‘Show hidden files, folder, and drives’.

FIGURE 4: Windows Folder Options


FIGURE 5: ProgramData folder now visible

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