Projection Type to Show Multiple SOLIDWORKS Viewports in Parts and Assemblies

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated July 25, 2017


Showing multiple SOLIDWORKS Viewports in the part and assembly environment is helpful for advanced part modeling and also drawing 3D sketches. To examine how an advanced Sweep or Loft command has worked out, showing four different views of the part in the graphics area at the same time would be beneficial. The following image demonstrates how multiple SOLIDWORKS viewports appear in a Part document.

Multiple SOLIDWORKS Viewports

Multiple SOLIDWORKS Viewports

Now that we can show orthogonal views in part environment, the projection type becomes important the same as the drawing environment. Therefore, we need to see how we can set the projection type. Whether the projection is set to first angle or third angle, the views may look different in the graphics area. Read my recent article to learn more about projection types.

How to define the projection type

The following image demonstrates where the projection type setting can be found. Under Tools > Options > System Options > Display, there is a drop down menu which allows you to select the preferred projection view. Setting this up results in showing orthogonal views in your preferred projection type in the part or assembly environment.

Projection Type to Show Multiple Viewports

Projection Type to Show Multiple Viewports

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