SOLIDWORKS Weldment is not just for Weldments!

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 26, 2017


You’ve likely heard about the great SOLIDWORKS Weldment functionality. It can quickly and efficiently generate welded frame multi-body parts, create gussets and end caps, and export this information to a drawing cut list. We love being able to complete these outputs so easily, but why stop there?

SOLIDWORKS Weldment functions just as well for any part where you need to assign specific profiles to either 2D or 3D sketches; welded or not! Perhaps for creation of slats and support posts as part of a metal fence, or maybe for planning/construction of a wooden deck, all component lengths, materials, cut angles, and quantities can be exported to a cut list quickly and easily. To show this in action, below is a picture of an octagonal picnic table, designed entirely in a single SOLIDWORKS part environment using Weldments.



SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cut List Table

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cut List Table

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