SOLIDWORKS Composer Mouse Button Customization

Article by Justin Flett updated August 17, 2017


When just starting off using SOLIDWORKS Composer one of the first questions I am often asked is “How can we customize the mouse movements?”.

If you are a strong SOLIDWORKS Mechanical user, you will notice almost instantly that the SOLIDWORKS Composer default mouse movements are slightly different then the Mechanical movements.  Many users wish to customize the mouse navigation tools to match those they are familiar with from SOLIDWORKS Mechanical or other tools.

To change the mouse navigation tools we can go to File >Preferences which will open up our Application Preferences window.  Here we have a number of application settings that we can customize to fit our needs, and the ‘Navigation’ tab will give us our Mouse Button Customization options.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Mouse Button Customization

SOLIDWORKS Composer Mouse Button Customization

From here we can customize our Mouse Navigation tools to fit our preferences.  That being said, I would suggest giving the SOLIDWORKS Composer default mouse controls a try before customizing them.  The defaults have been selected for a reason as they tend to be the optimal movements needed in Composer.  Of course, if you would still prefer to customize to your own person needs of course you have that option available.

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