SOLIDWORKS Electrical Help

Article by Justin Flett updated August 16, 2017


For those of us who are relatively new to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software, we can find a number of great references and documentation in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Help.

Upon launching the software, we can navigate to the “Help” tab and start to learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS Electrical.  The first option I may take is a look at is the “Tutorial panel”.  This gives us a number of very useful and well laid out tutorials and practice projects to help me understand the basics and get started on the right track.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Help

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tutorial Panel

In addition to this, I also have the “Help” tab which will give me an even more in depth introduction to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical world, describing all necessary information in great detail.  The Help files include project samples and even more tutorial examples to get you started.

In addition to both the tutorial and help tabs I also have a “Documentation” tab which navigates me to a number of useful pdf getting started manuals I can take a look into.  Here we have a basic getting started guide, as well as guides to introduce EPDM integration or excel automation if these topics may be of interest to you.

I always suggest when starting off from scratch in SOLIDWORKS Electrical to take a look at each of these helpful options, especially with regards to tutorials to get a good grasp of the basics.

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