Improve your SOLIDWORKS Weldments with Configurations!

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 5, 2017


Using a combination of SOLIDWORKS Weldments and part configurations, you can easily generate and update cutlists for various frame sizes. In this case we’ll look at an example using a basic wooden pallet.

In the picture on the left, the base for a wooden pallet has been created. One horizontal sketch line (the blue line) has been drawn to represent a horizontal piece of wood lying across the top of the pallet. The temptation here may be to draw lines just like this one along the full length of the pallet, and assign a wooden member profile to each one.

However! Let’s assume in this case that multiple configurations of this pallet will exist within the same part file, where the configured item will be the overall length. What a pain that would be to have to add multiple sketches (suppressed in some configurations), with suppressed and unsuppressed frame members. This can be easily accomplished through the use of a linear pattern.

After an initial weldment body has been placed on this sketch line, a Feature Linear Pattern should be placed. As shown in the picture below, simply select the “Up to reference” option, apply an appropriate spacing, and instead of “Features and Face”, select your weldment body in the “Bodies” section.

Select weldment bodies

Select weldment bodies

Once this is done, adjusting the length of your pallet will see an appropriate increase in the number of weldment members used! No matter how long and inappropriately sized your pallet becomes, there is no need to sketch additional lines, or count individual bodies!

SOLIDWORKS Weldment configurations contain bodies patterned to any length

Weldment bodies patterned to any length

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