How to access libraries in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated November 17, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal provides access to variety of rich electrical resources that you can use in your Electrical design. During the installation process of SOLIDWORKS Electrical most commonly used symbols, Title blocks, manufacturer parts etc are downloaded to keep the installation process faster. However, sometimes when you require particular symbols and manufacturer parts that aren’t available in your library you can access the electrical portal and add what you need to your existing library.

Electrical Content portal can be accessed from SOLIDWORKS electrical through Help > Online Content > SOLIDWORKS Electrical Portal. Then register for Electrical Portal and  Click on Catalogs and search for relevant symbols/manufacturer parts and Download as required. Once the download process is finished, unarchive the .tewzip file in SOLIDWORKS Electrical through library ribbon.

Gold libraries can only be downloaded from ECP if your license is currently on subscription. However, silver libraries can be downloaded even if your license is not on subscription.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal

ECP – Gold and Silver libraries

When you will try to download Gold library symbols/parts from Electrical Portal you will get a pop-up message stating: “we are sorry you’re subscription level does not allow you access to this library. Upgrade your subscription level”. SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0 release on wards access to the Electrical Content Portal has been changed. Any SOLIDWORKS Electrical users will be able to gain access to the ECP gold libraries through the “Update Subscription” feature. The steps are as follows:

1. Start the Manufacturer parts manager.

2. Select Update Subscription. This will give you a pop- up message that you have to log in to ECP before using this command.

Update subscription for Gold level Access

3. Select Yes and log into the ECP using your mail and password.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Login

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Login

4. You now have gold level access.

Subscription Update confirmation

Learn more about accessing the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Library and Online Portal.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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