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Article by Delvin Masilamani created/updated June 24, 2014

Most Electrical CAD explorers are typically hesitant to migrate over to new products. Rightly so. They dig, they research and make sure that transition is easy. As a business, Projects cannot be interrupted.

Typical criteria for selecting a new CAD product?

  1. Ease of use
  2. Automated Tags- Device, Wires
  3. Less Transition Time
  4. Does it save design time?
  5. Automated Reports
  6. Using existing Drawings
  7. Library

…SolidWorks Electrical matches all the criteria!

Why choose SolidWorks Electrical?

It has a windows interface, making this product easy to use. There is ample amount of resources available for the product to solve your everyday design hurdles. The product automation is phenomenal, to a point where everything is tracked in real time. As a result all your reports, BOM’s are up to date! Changes are reflected instantaneously from Schematics and 3D to Reports.

Single users have found the application fairly easy to transition into. Teams have required more planned approach, typically existing processes need to be evaluated followed by requirements gathering. This has put a lot of companies on the right path to exploiting the benefits of the program. You can import in DWG formats, and continue working on projects with ease. There are a few case studies out there on product transition, read the SolidWorks Electrical Customer Review to see if it aligns with your criteria.

The SolidWorks Electrical Library. SolidWorks went that extra mile to give users what they want. Partnering up with suppliers to get you the right information.

Accessing the SolidWorks Electrical Library

Accessing the SolidWorks Electrical Library

The recently launched SolidWorks Electrical Portal gives you access to variety of rich electrical resources that you can use in your design. Nobody wants millions of parts sitting around in the database when you only need a few thousand. Users can access the portal and add what they need to their existing library.

SolidWorks Electrical Portal

SolidWorks Electrical Portal

The content is further broken down by industry type and catalogs. Users can also request manufacturing parts, symbols and 3D content to be added to the web store.

SolidWorks Electrical Library Categories

SolidWorks Electrical Portal Categories

If you are still wondering which application is the right fit for you, check out our blog post: SolidWorks Electrical Compared Products

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