Where did the Add Relation Breadcrumb Go? Can I bring it back?

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated January 21, 2018


In newer versions of SOLIDWORKS, sketch relation options are added to the breadcrumb. You can multi-select two or more sketch entities by holding the Ctrl key and upon releasing the key, a breadcrumb will appear next to your mouse cursor, and a relation can be selected. However, it seems that this only works if you don’t move your mouse cursor away from the selected sketch entities. Because when you move the mouse, the breadcrumb disappears. Now the question is, can we get the breadcrumb back?

Add Relations to Sketch Entities from Breadcrumb

Can we re-display the Breadcrumb?

The answer to this question is Yes. In cases where you moved your mouse cursor away from the selected sketch entity and the breadcrumb has disappeared, just press the Ctrl key again and after you let go of the Ctrl key, the breadcrumb will show up again.

In cases where pressing the Ctrl key did not show the breadcrumb trail, is probably because the pointer is too far from the selected entities. Move your pointer over the selected sketch entity and the breadcrumb will reappear.

Can we add more than one relation to the same selection of Entities?

The answer to this question is also Yes. If you select two circles with the Ctrl key depressed and then let go of the Ctrl key, the breadcrumb will remain and let you select as many relations as you like. However, if you move the mouse pointer away from the breadcrumb, it will disappear.

Even in that case, you can select two circles and using the breadcrumb make them equal in size. Then, press Ctrl key one more time while those two circles are still highlighted. Let go of the Ctrl key and same breadcrumb will show up again and tangent relation could be selected as well. This process can be repeated over and over until you get all relations required for the selected sketch entities.

Multiple Relations Could Be Added at the Same Time

Note: Adding mates in assemblies follow almost the same process. By selecting two or more faces or edges and releasing Ctrl key a breadcrumb appears with mate options. In case mouse cursor is moved away from it, the breadcrumb will disappear. To bring it back, you just need to press and then let go on Ctrl key.

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