The SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacturing Solution

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 26, 2018


The SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacturing Solution allows you to Design, Visualize, Communicate, Validate, Cost, Manufacture, Inspect, Document and Manage—all in one environment!

For years, companies have survived with a separation between their design and manufacturing departments, both by organization and by the tools they used. Now with more competition and a resulting need to produce products faster, with higher, more predictable quality and at lower costs, companies are looking to streamline their design to manufacturing workflows.

The SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacturing Solution

Download our white paper to learn about the SOLIDWORKS® Design to Manufacturing Process Solution, which offers an integrated system enabling design and manufacturing teams to work together concurrently. Providing all the tools in a single environment eliminates the time-consuming need for data to be translated between departments, which often results in errors and intelligence gaps. Designers and engineers can spend more time to optimize their designs, confident that their changes won’t threaten delivery targets. As a result, companies can go from concept design to manufactured parts faster and easier than ever before.

Concurrent Process

Concurrent Process

Shared 3D CAD Model

At the center of this solution is a shared 3D CAD model, enabling design or manufacturing changes to be effectively managed and allowed to propagate automatically to all related drawings, downstream manufacturing systems and technical documentation that are affected by the change.

The benefits of having the 3D CAD model as the center of your Design to Manufacturing Process include:

  • Automatically propagate changes: Design changes propagate automatically to downstream functional areas.
  • No need to freeze designs for manufacturing: Incorporate changes late in the product development cycle without the need to push out delivery dates.
  • Concurrent design and manufacturing: All departments can start their tasks earlier.
  • Control master representation of the design: 3D CAD model is the master representation of the product.

Thousands of companies have taken advantage of these tools and many have become leaders in their markets.

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