New Additive Manufacturing Associate Certification available from DS SolidWorks

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 27, 2018


A new Certified Additive Manufacturing Associate Certification (CSWA-AM) is now available from DS SolidWorks. A SOLIDWORKS User who gains this certification will be recognized by their peers and employers as someone who understands the principles of today’s 3D printing market.

Certified Additive Manufacturing Associate Certification

Having this certification is also a great marketing tool for you, and your company to win more business, especially if you are a 3D Printing Services provider. All candidates receive electronic certificates and a personal listing on the CSWA directory when they pass.

What’s covered in the Certification Exam?

Exam Length: 50 questions in 60 minutes

Minimum Passing grade: 80%

Topics included in the exam:

  • Material types
  • Machine types and processes
  • Design for printing considerations
  • Part model preparationMachine preparation
  • Post printing finishing
  • Slicer software features and functionality
  • Software based printing aids

While the CSWA-AM exam does not require the use of SOLIDWORKS software to complete, some basic knowledge of 3D Printing features found in SOLIDWORKS will be part of the exam.

Preparing for the Certification Exam

Preparation for the exam is available as either a hands-on training class or an online video based course:

  1. Javelin’s Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Hands-on Essentials Class —  is a unique one day interactive training course to help you become an Additive Manufacturing Technology Expert, so you can:
    • Print your 3D designs with confidence.
    • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage.
    • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs.
  2. MySolidWorks Additive Manufacturing Video Learning — Learn about the SLA, SLS, and FDM processes of 3D printing, and how it’s rapidly changing the manufacturing world.  This course covers the basics of setting up and running successful parts from your FDM or SLA printer.

Taking the Certified Additive Manufacturing Associate Exam

After completing either the hands-on class or the video based course, head over to for information on how to take the Certified Additive Manufacturing Associate exam so you can demonstrate your knowledge of this technology. If you are a SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customer you should be able to take the CSWA exam for free!

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