Make your Tables Pop with the Cell Border Thickness Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated October 13, 2018


When it comes time to create drawing documentation for large and complex assemblies, we are often met with SOLIDWORKS tables that reflects that. So, it can be daunting for end users to sift through drawings trying to find corresponding part information. That is why with the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2019, there is a new SOLIDWORKS Table Cell Border thickness feature. Let’s see how it works!

Setting Up Line Thickness for your SOLIDWORKS Tables

Once we have generated our SOLIDWORKS tables, it’s time to customize the cell thickness.

  1. We will start by highlighting the cells where we want to apply the line thickness.
  2. We then select the Border Edit button located in the formatting ribbon.
  3. From here we can move the mouse over the lines we want to edit, then click to get the drop down menu.
Borders have never looked this good in Solidworks Tables!

Steps for Formatting Cell Border Thickness

After a bit of editing, we have a table that is much easier to read. Thicker lines are a great way of providing visual queues that will have your colleagues thanking you for making it easier to navigate those SOLIDWORKS tables.

SOLIDWORKS Table Cell Border applied

An example of a Table that Utilizes the Line Thickness

The SOLIDWORKS Table Cell Border thickness feature in SOLIDWORKS 2019 is a great way of organizing information, and provides visual queues that can guide a reader’s eye when looking through long tables.

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