How to set default values generation for new sheets in a SOLIDWORKS PDM Drawing

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated January 8, 2019


New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019, when you add new sheets to a checked-out SOLIDWORKS drawing file, SOLIDWORKS PDM generates default values for the newly added sheets and updates the values in the drawing data card.

Previously, you had to manually update the values of mandatory variables in the drawing data card before check-in.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Drawing Data Card

SOLIDWORKS PDM Drawing Data Card

NOTE: You must enable the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in before adding the new sheets in the SOLIDWORKS Drawing.

In the Administration tool, in the SOLIDWORKS Drawing Card, if you select the Updates all configurations, the Variables that use the $PRPSHEET type variable mapping are updated on the tabs for all sheets.

Previously, only the values on the as-build (@) configuration tab updated automatically and you had to manually update the active configuration tabs.

Updates All Configurations

Updates All Configurations

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