Getting to the Point is Easier with SOLIDWORKS Rx 2019

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated January 14, 2019


Running into an error or unexpected behavior is never a welcomed event by most users, and when a solution is not self evident, it is important to create a SOLIDWORKS Rx file so that your VAR’s technical support team has all the information to make a diagnosis and to resolve the issue. With SOLIDWORKS 2019, getting to the point of the problem is easier with some of the new tools provided in SOLIDWORKS Rx 2019.

So what is new?

With SOLIDWORKS Rx 2019, there are more tools and functionalities that make capturing the problem easier and getting to the point less troublesome.

SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture Options

It is now possible to restart, pause, & resume recordings. As you can see below, there is now a Restart & Pause/Resume functionality in the problem capture. This is great because it allows you to be concise with recordings, as you can omit any steps that you might find redundant.

Solidworks Rx 2019 Problem Capture Features

More Video Capture Functionality

Once finished, SOLIDWORKS no longer needs to shut down, and if you are not totally happy with your video, you can always run a new problem capture recording to replace the current one.

Record more than just SOLIDWORKS

There is also the advantage of being able to select what you want to record, weather it be your SOLIDWORKS session, or an entire monitor.

Chose how you capture your issue!

As seen above, you can select either SOLIDWORKS, or any monitors connected to your workstation. This is advantageous when you would like to show an interaction between SOLIDWORKS and a different program. Below is an example where we would like to capture the interaction between SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Capture the entire Monitor!

This makes it easier to show any external issues or interactions outside of the SOLIDWORKS CAD program. Some instances where this would prove useful would be to show the processes running in the background in the task manager, or seeing how a converted file opens in a different program.

Running into an unexpected behavior or error is always a pain in your workflow. Helping your VAR identify the problem should not be. That is why there is now more flexibility with SOLIDWORKS Rx 2019 to get the capture right the first time. Here are a few more articles that may also help:

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