Installing the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Article by Justin Williams updated September 30, 2019


The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integral component for administrating SOLIDWORKS PDM, as it allows us to maintain and capture backups of the database.  When installing a new instance of SQL Express via the installation manager for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 and later versions, a separate download and install is required to include SSMS.

Download Server Management Studio

SQL Server Option in SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation

For SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 and earlier versions, please see our guide here on how to install this from the included install media

How to download and install the SQL Server Management Studio

Download Link

Download Link

  • Confirm the installation location, and hit Install

Install SSMS

  • Progress….
Progress dialog

Progress dialog

  • Complete with a reboot;
Restart your machine after installation is complete

Restart your machine after installation is complete

  • Then SSMS should be available via:
    • Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server Tools xx


Now we can capture manual backups, or schedule backups using Windows Task Scheduler and other database administrative tasks.

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