Simplified Open Options in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated December 28, 2019


Choosing the correct way to open files can be difficult, especially when it comes to opening those bigger assemblies. In SOLIDWORKS 2020, the Open options dialog box has been reorganized to make selecting the way you open files more intuitive and easy to understand. With the simplified open options in SOLIDWORKS 2020, choosing the way you open documents has become a lot clearer.

Changes in the Open Dialog Box

There have been a few changes to how the open options are organized. You will notice that items categorized under the Mode section to differentiate between option pertaining to computer resource usage and model properties as seen in the image below.

New Intuitive Open Options

In the mode section, we can see that options pertaining to performance have been consolidated. A graduated slide used for selecting the mode has been added with a gradient to represent the number of resources used as well as features;e.g. mates. This visual queue provides the user with an idea of what mode they would need for their purposes.

Choosing the way you open files can be a huge time saver, especially if you are working with large assemblies and complex parts. Being able to review models on the fly can help provide visual aid when presenting to others. With the consolidation of the open options, as well as the visual queues, you no longer need to give a second thought when deciding how you would like to open your files.

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