Large Assemblies taking too long to load? Try SOLIDWORKS Large Design Review Mode

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated March 23, 2017


Are your SOLIDWORKS assemblies taking too long to load? There is a solution for you with the SOLIDWORKS Large Design Review Mode.

When you need to get into an assembly and would like to view all the components and maybe get some measurements you do not need to open up the assembly fully resolved. Instead you should use the Large Design Review Mode (LDR). Released with SOLIDWORKS 2012 this feature loads only a fraction of your assembly data, while still providing access to a lot of useful tools.

Throughout the past couple of years there have been enhancements making this great feature even greater! It is easier to view the structure of patterns and assembly features in the feature manager design tree and we have more control over assembly options for updating graphics!

How to access Large Design Review Mode:

To open an assembly in Large Design Review mode, click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open .

In the dialog box, select the assembly you want to open, and then, in the Mode drop down, select Large Design Review. Then pick Open.

Large Design Review Mode Open Dialog

Large Design Review Mode Open Dialog

Quick Tip: While in SOLIDWORKS if you press the “R” button on the keyboard it opens a recent documents dialog!


LDR mode will open the assembly in seconds saving you a lot of time, and with the mode active you can still carry out the following tasks:

  • Navigate the FeatureManager design tree
  • Selective Open Components
  • Measure distances
  • Create cross sections
  • Hide and show components
  • Create, edit, and play back walk-throughs
Large Design Review Features

Large Design Review Features

When the LDR mode is active you will notice a specific toolbar in the CommandManager and an eye icon is attached to the parts and sub-assembles in the FeatureManager design tree to denote LDR mode:

Large Design Review Mode Active

Large Design Review Mode Active

SOLIDWORKS Large Design Review allows you to become productive and more efficient as only a graphical representation of the model data has been loaded.

When you want to end the LDR Mode either close the assembly or pick Set all to Lightweight or Set all to Resolved from the CommandManager.

Large Assembly Assistance

If you require any assistance with large assemblies please ask about our Large Assembly Productivity Service and we will solve any assembly issues you may be having!

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